Seeking natural goodness for your heart

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Seeking natural goodness for your heart   What happens when you fall sick? You go to the doctor and sometimes, medication is prescribed. But what happens when it’s not just a simple cough or cold? High blood pressure and high … Continued

Unmasking the hidden sugar in your food

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Unmasking the hidden sugar in your food   Sugar. What’s not to like about it? Indulging in cake when you’re down or popping a chocolate or two into your mouth melts the stress away. Sugar makes a bland diet taste … Continued

Cholesterol checks at age 20?

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  “Checklist for the day: Business meeting in the morning, checked; lunch, checked; settling accounts, checked…hang on, cholesterol screening? What’s this doing on my list? Aren’t I too young for that?”   That’s what most people would think especially if … Continued

Love your heart, don’t fan the flames

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  Love your heart, don’t fan the flames   After a long and tiring day at work, exercise is probably the last thing on one’s mind. Most of us would prefer to lie down on the couch, watch a movie … Continued

Why take Green Tea and Gymnema?

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Benefits of Green Tea and Gymnema Slyvestre Green tea is a beverage well-loved in Asian countries and has been drunk for centuries in China and Japan. Gymnema sylvestre, meanwhile, originates from India and Sri Lanka and has been used in … Continued

Change and lose that pressure!

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  Many of us are familiar with the word hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure. Often dubbed the silent killer, it has become a risk factor for heart attack and stroke as it is a condition with no obvious … Continued

Cholesterol and Your Heart

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Cholesterol and Your Heart   Learn about how cholesterol affects your heart and how to choose foods and activities that benefit it   The heart is believed to be the most important organ in the body as it pumps all … Continued

Red Yeast goodness

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  Red Yeast goodness   Ang kak, beni-koji, ang-chau, fungkiuk – these are just some of the appelations used in Asia to describe the highly regarded ingredient that is the red yeast rice, which has been used since the Tang … Continued

The Sugar Fighters

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    The Sugar Fighters   How green tea and gymnema sylvestre help to control your weight and diabetes Do you know that the average Malaysian consumes 26 teaspoons of sugar daily, making us the eighth highest sugar user in … Continued

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